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Who We Are

Instead of two socks we give you three, all of them different.

Go a little Moco and make your day unordinary with them.

Moco Socks are designed and produced in Estonia.

Our Story

We fight agains routine and brake the traditional way of wearing socks.

Our Swiss researchers from random science labs have conducted an independent survey and concluded that you are wasting approximately 0,5 hours per week for pairing your socks. This sums up to wasting a whole 24 hours per year of your precious time!

On top of that, we all know that socks do get lost after washing, for no obvious reason at all. No one has managed to solve that mystery yet. And luckily you don't have to deal with it either,

cause MOCO gets you covered!

There’s no need to pair your socks anymore, it wastes your time and it’s not cool. And you definitely wanna be cool!

We offer 3 socks instead of two, all of them different. Our designs all get along well with each other, so just take any MOCO SOCKS at your reach and pull them on.

Made and designed in Estonia, the official home of MOCO people.

A Few Words About

Our Team

Moco Sock was founded in 2017 by two entrepreneurial minded and design savvy ladies who just cannot stand routine and love to bring some freshness to our everyday lives by introducing out-of-box solutions and using bold Nordic design language.

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